How Do I use my refillable Nature's Pod Capsules?

Easy 5 simple steps:

1. Use scoop provided (5g/spoon) to fill capsule

2. Fill to top, do not tamper

3. Close lid firmly

4. Place capsule into machine

5. Brew & enjoy!

How many times can I use the same refillable capsule?

1 empty refillable capsule can be used up to 40 times. A packet of 3 has up to 120 uses per pack.

*This means that with each packet of refillable coffee capsules your waste reduction up to 120 capsules that could go in the bin then to landfill and not recycled.

How do I get the best re-use from my refillable capsules for my nespresso machine?

For the most number of uses from your Nature’s Pod Capsule always try to clean them immediately. When you do this, the coffee grounds will come out easier and your capsules will last longer. *It is highly recommend that you don’t leave your capsule engaged in the machine after use. If by any chance you don’t clean after use make sure you release the capsule to drop into the pod chamber of your Nespresso machine. This is important for your machine and will make sure your Nature’s Pod Capsule will last longer.

How do you get the best coffee out of your refillable capsules?

You will always get the best tasting coffee when you use Nature's Pod Coffee or if you grind your coffee fresh & a fine grind. If you have a local roasting coffee company that makes good coffee then try using their coffee. If not go for stronger coffee varieties. *The best part of using these capsules is that you have lots of coffee choices and not stuck with the pod market coffee.

What coffee grind is best?

  1. If you are using Nature's Pod Coffee Nature's Pod recommends using Natures Pod Coffee for optimal results and taste.
  2. If you are using pre-ground coffee If you a buying pre-ground coffee or having your coffee store grind the coffee for you, a fine grind is recommended.
  3. If you are grinding your Expresso yourself If you are grinding the coffee yourself, a fine grind is recommended.
*Please remember the coffee crema is decided by the quality and freshness of the coffee grind you use.

My capsule didn’t seem to work well am i doing something wrong?

Make sure you have place your refillable Nature’s Pod Capsule in the machine correctly. It needs to go in at the same angle that a Nespresso capsule fits into your machine. Some machines have a little runner that the lip of you pod needs to run along. It is a little plastic guide that you can easily feel with your finger.

What Nespresso Machines are they Compatible with?

Nature's Pod Capsules will fit for Nespresso® Original Line Machines such as, Citiz, Inssia, Pixie, U, Lattissima.

Do I Tamper the coffee?

Loose fill is best although different machines perform differently, you don’t want it filled too loose or too tight as it will reduce the effectiveness of water flow through your capsule.

If you pack too tightly it will cause a weak coffee and a slow stream. It is best to experiment to find you own optimal coffee with an espresso blend you love.

Can I use Instant Coffee?

No, the capsules are designed for ground coffee beans (not whole coffee beans), you can grind your own beans or use a fine grind pre packaged espresso coffee or coffee from your local roaster.

How much coffee do I use to fill an empty pod/capsule?

You can add 5 grams of coffee per re-usable capsule.

*Spoon provided is 5g.

How do I get a really strong Coffee?

Use 2 shots! It is recommended that you allow the capsule to cool before using again so you can use 2 separate capsules to make 2 shots. It is not recommended you use the same capsule consecutively, wait until it cools down. *Why? Because the plastic can soften.

What do I do if my coffee is brewing slowly?

If your coffee is brewing slowly try a finer grind and when filling do not tamper the coffee in the coffee capsules.

What do I do if the capsules is not compatible with my machine?

Prior to purchasing please ensure the capsules are compatible with your machine. Please check return policy.