super lattes & hot cocoa

Super Lattes are not a fad; they’re here to stay because we all need coffee alternatives in our lives! More Australians are turning away from coffee and caffeine drinks and are choosing super latte drinks and discovering the health benefits of this colourful new trend. We have introduced a range of Super Lattes including Deluxe Cocoa Drink that can be used in our Nature’s Pod reusable Capsules, compatible with Nespresso® machines. Simply add 5g of Latte or Deluxe Cocoa in your capsule, brew and enjoy! Each serve is 5g which equates to 50 serves per 250g container. 

Some of the many benefits include: 

  • 99% Fat Free

  • All Natural ingredients

  • Immune Boosting

  • Antioxidant

  • Anti-inflammatory

  • Caffeine Free

  • Child Friendly

  • Made and packaged in Australia

  • Delicious

  • Use inyour Nespresso® machine

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